Please note that Milford Global has ceased trading and all enquiries should now be directed to OfficeMax NZ Export Division Thank You.

Product Range

Milford 2020 Diary Catalogue

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Take some time to look at both the subtle and obvious differences that will make our ranges stand out. We believe you and your consumers will both appreciate and love these variances, as well as the benefits they will in turn bring. Our commitment is to quality, innovation and on time delivery and we look forward to being put to the test and supporting your goals for the season ahead.

Milford Customised Stationery

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Talk to your customers 365 days a year with Milford customised diaries, notebooks & office stationery.

Customised stationery keeps your brand top of mind every day and builds stronger relationships with your customers.

Milford Never Range

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Never has there been fashion stationery like this!

It doesn’t just look amazing – there are so many clever ideas that evidence how much design thinking has gone into this range. Whether it’s additional zip pockets on notebooks, magnetic closure vs rubber band closure or memo pads with a built-in pen holder, our Never range brings new excitement to the personal stationery category.